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Automation strategy

Discover the impact and possibilities of Intelligent Automation for your organization.

There is a rapid rise of new technologies, promising to fundamentally change the way we work. From Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Low-Code Application Programming (LCAP) to Artificial Intelligence (AI). How does the implementation of these new technologies align with the existing vision and objectives of your organization? How do you integrate these technologies into the existing IT landscape?

Quick-Scan Automation potential

Identify the cost-saving potential in your department(s) through the use of new technology.

Each department has its own objectives and challenges, whether it’s reducing the workload of employees, achieving cost savings, or solving operational bottlenecks. With our knowledge of processes and technology, we map out the potential for automation, whether it’s a pre-selected end-to-end process, bottleneck, or ambition. The result is a comprehensive business case and a backlog of suitable tasks to be automated with technology.

Secondment of RPA Developers (UiPath)

Enhance your Center of Excellence with additional development capacity.

There is a growing shortage of certified RPA Developers with knowledge of both technology and business processes. We have a growing team of 25+ UiPath Advanced RPA Developers. Need (temporary) additional development capacity? We are here to help.

Setting up Center of Excellence

Support for the successful establishment and integration of automation within your organization.

We often observe that the scaling of RPA is more challenging than expected. This challenge is frequently not due to limitations in technology but rather gaps in governance and organization. Clear rules are lacking, ownership is not well-defined, information security is inadequately addressed, or there is a lack of in-house knowledge and skills. What type of governance is most effective? Which control model suits your organization best? And how do you implement it?

RPA Management Support

Second-line support for resolving RPA incidents through our service desk.

Many organizations struggle with the management of software robots. The success of a relatively simple pilot can create a false sense of ease. It sometimes seems straightforward: we “just” build a robot script and see that the robot does what it’s supposed to do. Done, right? The robot never gets sick and doesn’t go on vacation. But… the robot sometimes proves to be vulnerable to unexpected situations or changes in applications.

What do you do when the software robot suddenly stops working? And the employee who used to do the work no longer has time? What if the RPA Developer who developed the robot script is no longer available?

We have helped dozens of organizations establish a robust RPA management chain. This second-line support ensures guaranteed availability of your entire virtual workforce daily between 08:00 and 18:00.

Training & Education

Training employees in one of the RPA roles and subjects.

Being an RPA Developer is a specialized profession and not a (part-time) hobby that you “just” pick up. Building a good, robust, secure, and efficient robot requires in-depth technical knowledge and a lot of practice. The UiPath Academy provides a foundation, but nothing more. Real learning happens on the job and requires additional training and guidance.

Tacstone Technology has won a Global Award as UiPath Democratizing Partner of the Year. This recognition acknowledges our role as a recognized educator in the field of RPA. Naturally, all our RPA Developers are UiPath Advanced certified. Which employees in your organization can we train?