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30 maart 2022 Tacstone Training

Amrop’s Global Digital Practice takes part in RPA training in Dubai


Rick Teunissen


Amrop is one of the world’s largest leadership and executive search consultancies, with 66 offices in 54 countries and a global team of more than 500 professionals. Amrop’s Global Digital Practice strives to increase growth with the help of new technologies, such as RPA. Job Voorhoeve, the global leader of the Digital Practice, asked Tacstone Technology to provide a 1-day training to teach and inspire the Digital Practice about the rapid rise of intelligent automation. The training was provided by Tacstonians Rick Teunissen and Mike Bos as part of this year’s Global partner meeting of Amrop, hosted at the beautiful Park Hyatt Hotel in Dubai.

Cross-border executive searches and leadership services

Amrop runs a large number of cross-border executive searches and leadership services for their clients. One of the sectors, which Amrop’s Global Digital Practice group’s members specialize in, focusses on Robotics, Machine Learning and AI, and it is innovation which directs the Digital Practice towards new tools and processes, that, in turn, help drive leadership transformation with Amrop’s clients.

More than 20 partners joined the training, representing Amrop country organizations like Belgium, Sweden, Germany, UK, Italy, Canada, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, India, Brazil and others. The training provided a good insight in practical use cases for RPA and AI, market trends and the increasing impact on organizations, society, and the labor market.

The training provided a good insight in practical use cases

Amrop explicitly asked for the training to be practical and ‘hands-on’, so participants started the afternoon session with building their own first ever software robot in UiPath Studio. The training ended with an interactive ideation session to explore practical use cases of RPA and AI in Amrop internal executive search processes.


 “We have the same goal as our clients i.e. to increase growth with the use of new technologies” (Job Voorhoeve)

Participants agreed that there are many opportunities for applying these new technologies as long as we create the right scale. On behalf of the group Job Voorhoeve stated that “it is innovation and the in-depth understanding of the latest developments and opportunities in the field of technology that allows the Amrop’s Digital Practice to successfully drive leadership transformation with their clients. We have the same goal as our clients: to increase growth with the use of new technologies and identify the individuals who can lead this unstoppable change.”

Want a RPA and AI training for your organization?

Tacstone professionals absolutely love to “democratize RPA”. We love to share our vision, methodology, use cases and best practices with you and your team. We are happy to design and deliver an interactive training, tailored to your needs about RPA, Machine Learning, Conversational Intelligence, Automation Governance and Security or any related subject that is most relevant for you. And if you want, we can teach each team member how to build his or her first ever software robot in just a few hours. Contact Rick Teunissen for more info.